Hailing from and currently residing in Manchester. I'm incredibly passionate about my city. The hope is that I can do my part to make it an interesting place to live.


Besides being best known for my street art, I enjoy working with the best possible medium to execute an idea. In true Motley fashion. Meaning mismatched and irregular. My work is less rooted in a common visual style and more based on the independent reaction to what inspired me in the first place. 

I take inspiration from many sources. Elements of public space such as advertisements and signage are of particular interest. Given that street art is technically illegal, I'm fascinated by the visual elements of the street that are permitted.  


My dream job would either be mayor of Manchester or Ikea bookshelf instructions designer. 


On a slightly more serious note, I'm open to short/long term jobs and collaborations. Just drop me an email if you have any questions.

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